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Marc Schwartz, DDS

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Dr. Schwartz has been practicing restorative dentistry for more than two decades, restoring strength, function, and aesthetics to the mouths of patients of all ages. He works closely with patients, educating them and presenting a variety of options, so you are always an active member in your care.

Common Questions about restorative Dentistry

What falls under the term restorative dentistry? What is it?
Restorative dentistry is any treatment that restores strength, function, and aesthetics to a tooth, after decay, tooth loss, or fracture. Crowns fall under that category, as do bridges, fillings, and implants. Most of the dentistry Dr. Schwartz does is restorative in nature.

He also offers Invisalign to straighten teeth, restoring function and aesthetic to the bite by realigning your teeth gradually over time.

Are there different tiers to restorative dentistry?
What is aesthetic restoration versus advanced restoration?
Any restoration that is tooth-colored would be considered aesthetic dentistry. You can also restore teeth with gold, or other non-tooth-colored materials, but aesthetic dentistry refers specifically to anything tooth-colored or white. Dr. Schwartz offers primarily aesthetic restorations, working to balance function and cosmetics at all times. He uses porcelain for bridges, crowns, and inlays and onlays.

Why do I need restorative dentistry?
Restorative dentistry benefits patients with cavities, fractures, or who have worn down their teeth due to grinding and clenching, or who might have lost teeth to decay or trauma. A quick appointment with Dr. Schwartz will confirm if you are in need of any restorative treatments, and he’ll talk you through all of the options to make sure you’re confident in, and in control of, your care.

Is restorative dentistry covered by insurance?
Restorative dentistry is typically covered if the treatment is for tooth decay, or another medical health reason. Occasionally, veneers are not covered, and some completely cosmetic procedures aren’t always covered. Dr. Schwartz and his friendly staff can help you with any insurance-related or financial questions before you receive treatment.



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