full mouth reconstruction

full mouth reconstruction

Marc Schwartz, DDS

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Dr. Schwartz specializes in full mouth reconstruction, a form of multidisciplinary dentistry employed to help restore aesthetic and function to the mouths of patients with complex conditions. Working closely with specialists, Dr. Schwartz will tailor treatment to your specific needs, helping you discover your best and brightest smile.

Common Questions about full mouth reconstruction

What is full mouth reconstruction?
Full mouth reconstruction is a multidisciplinary approach to restoring your perfect smile and bite. Dr. Schwartz works with a network of specialists to create the best possible outcome for every unique patient. Every full mouth reconstruction is tailored to the specific needs of each patient, and Dr. Schwartz will work with you to understand and meet your goals with regard to both function and aesthetic. He’s dedicated to educating patients about their condition, so they can become active participants in their own care. His approach is always conservative, and he never pushes unnecessary treatments. Every full mouth reconstruction is a team effort, bringing you, Dr. Schwartz, and any necessary specialists, together to achieve your goals.

Who needs full mouth reconstruction?
There’s a wide variety of reasons to consider full mouth reconstruction, including worn down teeth from grinding or clenching, spaces between the teeth, and replacements needed as a result of serious tooth decay. Full mouth reconstruction is the process of returning your mouth to its best possible smile and bite, so it’s not a one-size fits all treatment. It’s a combination of treatments that can help restore your brightest and healthiest smile.

How long does full mouth reconstruction take?
The length of treatment varies depending on the conditions being addressed. However, some patients prefer to do the treatments in phases over several years. However you’d like to do it, Dr. Schwartz will help you understand each treatment, so you can prioritize care according to cost and your preferred timeline.

Which specialists work on full mouth reconstruction?
Dr. Schwartz works with a network of specialists, some of whom he’s known for more than 20 years. Depending on the nature of your condition, you’ll be referred to different specialists, but they’re all near Dr. Schwartz’s office and each has a longstanding relationship with him. Dr. Schwartz is also in a study group with several specialists, which meets regularly to discuss ongoing cases. This familiarity and close study increases the predictability of outcomes and keeps everyone on the same page about treatment.



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