Emergency Dental Care Services

emergency Dental Care Services

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Whether you’ve had an accident or are suffering from a lingering pain that’s suddenly become unbearable, an emergency dentist can provide the services you need to alleviate the pain, stop the bleeding, or save your tooth.

An emergency dental visit can resolve any problem with the teeth and gums that a patient needs addressed sooner than a regular appointment can accommodate—including an intolerable toothache, jaw pain and swelling, or a broken tooth.

Dr. Schwartz aims to treat all patients like a close friend or family member to ensure they feel comfortable and know they’re being taken care of in the best possible way.

As an experienced dental health professional, Dr. Schwartz will assess the specifics of your situation, identify the likely cause, and recommend the best response to successfully resolve everything from infections to fractures to dental restoration.

Common Questions about emergency dental services

What kinds of dental problems can an emergency dentist address?
Dr. Schwartz can alleviate a large array of dental concerns, from toothache relief and a swollen jaw, to cracked teeth and repair of lost or loose fillings. Other services include sore gum relief, root canal therapy, dental repair for broken dentures and cosmetic concerns.

How do I know if I have a dental emergency?
If you are in severe pain, cannot stop bleeding, need to save a tooth, or have a severe infection or swelling around the face or gums, or have trouble breathing, you have a dental emergency and should not wait.

Can an emergency dentist remove a tooth?
Sometimes a dental emergency requires the extraction of a tooth. Causes may vary, ranging from an accident, prolonged tooth decay, periodontal disease, infection, or impaction. During an emergency visit, Dr. Schwartz can examine your mouth, review your options, and provide the best solution.

Can emergency dentists do a filling?
If an exposed cavity is causing you severe pain, Dr. Schwartz can provide an emergency filling. This reduces the risk of infection that can arise when you chew and eat on a decayed tooth.

Will an emergency dentist do a root canal?
Root canals are regularly needed when bacteria reaches the nerve inside the tooth. Emergencies arise when the bacteria is caught between the tooth and the bone, causing an infection, swelling, inflammation, and possibly fever.

Dr. Schwartz is experienced in performing root canals and can perform them on an emergency basis. However, antibiotics are usually needed to treat the infection prior to performing the root canal treatment. The need for root canal treatment, however, is not always an emergency. Dr. Schwartz takes digital x-rays of the root and checks for sensitivity to determine whether your tooth requires a root canal.

Can an emergency dentist replace a crown on the same day?
Not all dentists have the in-office equipment to mill crowns the same day. Dr. Schwartz has CAD/CAM restoration systems (CEREC) that enable him to provide crowns on the same day for patients in an emergency.

Can an emergency dentist remove wisdom teeth?
Dr. Schwartz can extract wisdom teeth when needed, and if the wisdom teeth are impacted, he can refer the patient to an oral surgeon with whom he works closely.

Can an emergency dentist prescribe antibiotics?
During your visit, Dr. Schwartz can prescribe antibiotics for infections, if needed. An appointment is required to prescribe antibiotics, as it’s required by law to have a signed medical history form.

Will emergency dental care cost more?
Sometimes patients avoid getting needed work done because of their fear of the cost, but it’s important to contact a dental professional when you have an emergency.

Emergency dental care does not necessarily cost more. When required, Dr. Schwartz can provide after-hours or weekend services, but most often his staff can schedule you into his regular office hours on the same day or the next day, resulting in no additional costs.

When cost is a factor, Dr. Schwartz can offer CareCredit which can often provide interest-free financing.

What should I expect when I call to make an emergency dental appointment?
When calling to make an appointment for an dental emergency, be prepared to provide a detailed description of your situation and the events leading to it. It is also helpful to provide the date of your last dental visit and a description of the work you’ve had done.

When you arrive at our office, our staff will ask you to fill out a medical history and list any allergies you may have.

When should I go to a medical emergency room or call 911 instead of making an emergency dental appointment?
If your dental issue is causing trouble breathing, or if you’ve had an accident that’s more severe than a broken tooth, please call 911 or seek help from a medical professional.

If you think you need emergency dental care, call Dr. Schwartz office today for help. (650) 508-1668.



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